Dentures are removable appliances used to functionally and esthetically replace lost teeth. Usually, untreated teeth problems and gum diseases result in teeth lost. On the other hand, some teeth lost are resulted from accidents or a trauma.

What are the dentures for?

With the help of dentures, patients regains some functionality and benefit their health and appearance. For example, loss of teeth causes speaking problems since it affects the tongues movement. Patients usually have problem with ‘s’, ‘k’ sounds. Another common problem is the problem of eating food.

Denture Types

  • Fixed dentures
  • Stand-alone crowns
    • Bridges (missing tooth is completed by bridging teeth next to lost tooth)
    • Crowns over implants
  • Removable dentures
    • Total dentures
    • Partial dentures
    • Partial dentures with precision attachments
  • Dentures fixed on implants
    • Removable dentures applied to complete teeth
    • Fixed dentures applied to one or many teeth
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